Mindset Development Programmes

Mindset Development Programmes

Mindset Mastery

Developing a certain element of your mindset requires both internal and external change. To develop resiliency, for example, you need to work on your own mental approach to challenges but also to take on certain external scenarios to practice this change. Our Mindset Mastery Programmes enable you to do just that – by undertaking online programmes which are designed to fortify or develop key aspects of your mindset. 

Each course offers a week-by-week approach that breaks down the core aspects of certain mindsets and develops your own to develop a superhero-like mindset that can tackle all challenges. From resiliency through to team-building, to focus and reviewing your financial mindset, choose the course that suits your own ambition and begin developing a better, stronger you today. 

How our mindset development programmes work

Designed by Laura Royal at the DNA Coach, our courses are spread across 4 weeks, with 2.5 hours of training delivered online each week. These training sessions are held over video conferencing tools and involve other peers taking part, which enables you to learn and share with others as you develop,

The programme is supposed by a coaching portal where supplementary information and added tools can be downloaded. Throughout the programme, you will have a workbook to fill out and a final eBook which helps encapsulate and solidify what you have learned. 

Why use our mindset development programmes?

If you’re a keen self-starter looking to help build your own or your team’s mindsets, our coaching cards are a great start. Our Mindset Mastery Programmes are more involved and make you accountable – each week helps drive action and accountability as you learn. For that reason alone, our mindset development programmes are perfect for professionals looking to change their habits and achieve their goals – but also require a more hands-on approach to learning. 

Mindset Mastery Programmes

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